ASP Tutoring offers a unique learning support programme that encompasses all of a learner’s subjects across the curricula, offering the child a framework within which to organise their studies and plan their approach to each subject.

The learner who opts for learning support probably has a diagnostic history of learning intervention, or is particularly anxious about school work. These children benefit enormously from the focused, individual attention and structure that one-on-one learning support offers.

In learning support, the relationship forged between the tutor and the learner becomes even more important, as the tutor continuously assesses the educational needs of the learner and adjusts the tutoring approach accordingly. The learning support tutor is flexible, and has a solid understanding of where the learner is in age and grade; these tutors will supplement and complement the learner’s classroom experience.

Learning support tutors liaise regularly with the learner’s parents, teachers and therapist/s to be of optimum help to the learner. Parents receive detailed termly reports on their child’s progress.

Please note: experience has shown that a commitment to a minimum of three learning support sessions is necessary for there to be any benefit from them.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
~ Benjamin Franklin ~