Being a parent is never easy, but being the parent of a child who’s unhappy at school is especially difficult.

ASP Tutoring understands how much parents benefit from support and direction when your child is in need of help. We’re here to partner you in this process.

How Extra Lessons, Study Skills and Learning Support Work

Preferably, a programme of sessions must be booked at the beginning of a term and all fees are payable in advance. (Please note: ASP Tutoring requires a minimum of three sessions; experience has shown anything less has little benefit to the learner.) Your advance payment of fees secures your child’s requested weekly lesson/study skills/learning support time.

Should your child have a valid reason for missing a weekly session, the tutor will make every effort to re-schedule, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Parents will receive a written report every term-end from your child’s tutor/s.

Please click the blue button below to view the terms and conditions underpinning our extra lessons:


  • Once-off registration fee: R375.00 (plus VAT).
  • Extra lessons: R445.00 per hour (plus VAT).
  • Learning support: R515.00 per hour (plus VAT).
  • Study skills: R515.00 per hour (plus VAT).

Travel expenses:

Should a tutor need to travel outside a radius of ten kilometres to provide any of ASP Tutoring’s services, an additional amount to cover travel costs will be charged. This amount is dependent on the distance the tutor will need to travel.

It is not what you do for your children, but what you
have taught them to do for themselves, that will
make them successful human beings.
~ Ann Landers ~