Your child is never too young to need help. We are here to give your primary school child (and you) the support that will enhance your child’s confidence and improved understanding.

ASP Tutoring provides primary school learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 with professional, one-on-one extra lessons in specific subjects, homework facilitation, learning support and study skills, including exam skills in preparation for high school entrance exams.

ASP Tutoring believes in encouraging our learners’ confidence by means of a choice of extra lessons, learning support and study skills designed to assist learners with specific difficulties, challenge average learners and extend gifted learners. Your child’s tutoring needs will be assessed continuously and adjusted accordingly. Extra lessons, learning support and study skills will complement and supplement your child’s classroom experience, in a relaxed, comfortable and familiar environment. If possible, lessons will take place in the afternoon at your child’s school.

ASP Tutors are experienced primary school teachers, who are passionate about developing your child’s potential. Whilst ASP Tutoring does not offer a remedial service, some of our teachers have remedial experience and appropriate intervention will be provided if required.

Parents will receive detailed, termly reports on their child’s progress.

Please note: experience has shown that a commitment to a minimum of three extra sessions is necessary for there to be any benefit from them.

Every student can learn, just not on the same day and not in the same way.
~ George Evans ~