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This year, ASP Tutoring will be running our seventh and eighth consecutive Revision School to be held at St Anne’s College.   We will have two revision school dates this year; June Revision School: 24-27 June 2019 – aimed at themes, topics and skills for Grade 11 & 12.  September Revision School: 23-26 September – aimed at troubleshooting prelim problems and how to approach the final paper for both Grade 11 & 12.

Each year Revision School has grown.  However, we remain committed to small class groups. Classes will be capped at 12 learners. If you would like to attend please download the registration form and the relevant timetable for your grade. Complete both documents, pay the registration fee and return completed documents to Places are limited!

Revision School 2019 runs from 8:00am to 12:30pm / 13:00pm each day. Register now to secure 16 hours of structured revision which allows you to have a guilt-free holiday afterwards.

Download Winter Revision form

Download Spring Revision form





#1 SMALL CLASSES, which allows for more contact between each learner and his/her tutor.

#2 DIFFERENT APPROACH to the subject content. A different teacher with a different teaching style may well get you to grasp that elusive concept at last!

#3 ADDED ADVANTAGE over all your friends pretending to study at home. Four mornings of hard work that’ll no doubt help you improve your exam results.

#4 SOCIALISING and getting to meet friends from different schools. Tea time provides time to chill and chat, as well as time to ask a tutor for extra worksheets or notes!

Study Skills

ASP Tutoring will equip your child with the necessary study skills for more successful studying as well as improved performance in tests and exams. Sound study skills are critical for success at school and university, and these skills will continue to be useful throughout your child’s life.

Study skills will include some, or all, of the following depending on the individual child’s personal needs:

  • Differing ways of organising, absorbing and retaining new information.
  • Effective reading, comprehension (decoding and encoding written texts), and note-taking techniques.
  • Effective writing skills, including essay writing techniques.
  • Improving concentration.
  • Exam strategies, which would include time management, not only in timed assessments but as a means of planning and organising revision.

Please note: experience has shown that a commitment to minimum of three study skills sessions is necessary for there to be any benefit from them.

Once children learn how to learn, nothing is
going to narrow their minds.
~Marva Collins ~


ASP Tutoring understands the pressures that many learners experience nowadays in school. Often, it feels overwhelming. You worry about your tests and exams; you want to do well but you don’t know where to start – especially if some of your marks have been disappointing. Mounting pressure can make it even more difficult to focus in class and on your homework.

Perhaps you’re under-performing during timed conditions? Maybe you seem to run out of time in tests and you’re frustrated by your inability to organise your thoughts before “Pens down!” You might be failing a subject (or two) – particularly a language or Core Maths – but the thought of asking questions in class makes you anxious. Possibly, you’d prefer a one-on-one learning environment.

Sometimes learners simply want to improve their marks; take their results up to the next Level to improve their university application, or to achieve the very best Matric they can.

ASP Tutoring will support you with solutions to all of these concerns, and more. Our tutors are subject experts who will enhance your study skills and motivate you, whilst improving your understanding – at your pace, and in a space where you feel comfortable.

Please note: experience has shown that a commitment to minimum of three sessions is necessary for there to be any benefit from them.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes, courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’
~ Mary Ann Radmacher ~

Learning Support

ASP Tutoring offers a unique learning support programme that encompasses all of a learner’s subjects across the curricula, offering the child a framework within which to organise their studies and plan their approach to each subject.

The learner who opts for learning support probably has a diagnostic history of learning intervention, or is particularly anxious about school work. These children benefit enormously from the focused, individual attention and structure that one-on-one learning support offers.

In learning support, the relationship forged between the tutor and the learner becomes even more important, as the tutor continuously assesses the educational needs of the learner and adjusts the tutoring approach accordingly. The learning support tutor is flexible, and has a solid understanding of where the learner is in age and grade; these tutors will supplement and complement the learner’s classroom experience.

Learning support tutors liaise regularly with the learner’s parents, teachers and therapist/s to be of optimum help to the learner. Parents receive detailed termly reports on their child’s progress.

Please note: experience has shown that a commitment to a minimum of three learning support sessions is necessary for there to be any benefit from them.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
~ Benjamin Franklin ~


Being a parent is never easy, but being the parent of a child who’s unhappy at school is especially difficult.

ASP Tutoring understands how much parents benefit from support and direction when your child is in need of help. We’re here to partner you in this process.

How Extra Lessons, Study Skills and Learning Support Work

Preferably, a programme of sessions must be booked at the beginning of a term and all fees are payable in advance. (Please note: ASP Tutoring requires a minimum of three sessions; experience has shown anything less has little benefit to the learner.) Your advance payment of fees secures your child’s requested weekly lesson/study skills/learning support time.

Should your child have a valid reason for missing a weekly session, the tutor will make every effort to re-schedule, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Parents will receive a written report every term-end from your child’s tutor/s.

Please click the blue button below to view the terms and conditions underpinning our extra lessons:


  • Once-off registration fee: R375.00 (plus VAT).
  • Extra lessons: R445.00 per hour (plus VAT).
  • Learning support: R515.00 per hour (plus VAT).
  • Study skills: R515.00 per hour (plus VAT).

Travel expenses:

Should a tutor need to travel outside a radius of ten kilometres to provide any of ASP Tutoring’s services, an additional amount to cover travel costs will be charged. This amount is dependent on the distance the tutor will need to travel.

It is not what you do for your children, but what you
have taught them to do for themselves, that will
make them successful human beings.
~ Ann Landers ~

Primary School Learners

Your child is never too young to need help. We are here to give your primary school child (and you) the support that will enhance your child’s confidence and improved understanding.

ASP Tutoring provides primary school learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7 with professional, one-on-one extra lessons in specific subjects, homework facilitation, learning support and study skills, including exam skills in preparation for high school entrance exams.

ASP Tutoring believes in encouraging our learners’ confidence by means of a choice of extra lessons, learning support and study skills designed to assist learners with specific difficulties, challenge average learners and extend gifted learners. Your child’s tutoring needs will be assessed continuously and adjusted accordingly. Extra lessons, learning support and study skills will complement and supplement your child’s classroom experience, in a relaxed, comfortable and familiar environment. If possible, lessons will take place in the afternoon at your child’s school.

ASP Tutors are experienced primary school teachers, who are passionate about developing your child’s potential. Whilst ASP Tutoring does not offer a remedial service, some of our teachers have remedial experience and appropriate intervention will be provided if required.

Parents will receive detailed, termly reports on their child’s progress.

Please note: experience has shown that a commitment to a minimum of three extra sessions is necessary for there to be any benefit from them.

Every student can learn, just not on the same day and not in the same way.
~ George Evans ~


ASP Tutoring carefully selects our tutors according to their teaching qualifications and subject experience, including, in some instances, tutors with remedial experience. Our tutors are professional and expert: passionate about developing every learner’s potential, they thrive on forming productive, supportive relationships with their tutees.

ASP Tutoring knows that the personal relationship between learner and tutor is a key component in supporting the learner, who may be having a miserable time at school. Our tutors offer learners an emotionally safe space in which they can feel secure and make real academic progress.

ASP Tutors are familiar with both the Independent Examining Board and the Department of Education curricula.

Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.
~ Josef Albers ~

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